10 Year HS Reunion

 I can NOT believe it has been 10 years since high school! Sometimes it feels like yesterday yet other times I look at what I have accomplished in 10 years and it feels like it should be longer!

I still get together with 2 of my girlfriends from HS. However we just started connecting again a little less than 2 years ago LOL!

( I really wish I had known about MAC makeup and blond highlights back in HS!!!)

I was sooooo hoping they would go so I would know that at least someone would "mingle" with me other than my husband! But they didn't ..I'm not bitter though girls ..if your reading HA! J/K :)

It started late so my husband and I decided to have dinner at Chelsea's Kitchen before hand, the best part we arrived in style in my in-laws Mercedes LOL.

(we soooo had a great story too if anyone asked if it was really our car!!!)

It of course was awkward when we first got there, Thank God I ran into an old friend, Lexi,  and a new one too, Erika!

(This face was b/c mom and sister were giving me crap and worst case scenarios just as we were leaving!!!!!)

David and I ended up talking to Lexi and her husband ALL night!! I was blown away how much we had in common, from mother hood to our faith to thrifting!!! Oh and the best part is she is an AWESOME photographer! You need to visit her blog (her kids are ADORABLE!)

However, other than Lexi no one recognized me HA! I totally think I still look the same but apparently not!

What do you think??

I did run into my old buddy Nels, the one on the far right!  We had some fun and funny times in theater!! ( I sooo though I was popular since he was captin of the football team HA I was so wrong LOL!) Why did I also not know that horizontal stripes make you look larger?????

Maybe that is a little insight on how popular I was in HS HA!

I totally forgot we filled these out at Grad night!! I almost died laughing while I was reading it...however I have practically accomplished most of what I wanted to do HA! I LOVE what I put for my salary LOL :)

Needless to say I thought the night was successful! Like I posted on FB "Glad I went...NO regrets ;)"

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