Happy Halloween 2010

What a great weekend!! It all started Thursday night. we carved pumpkins!!!!

 Trey was a little unsure of the whole process..He stuck his hands in a few times!

Our little family of pumpkins :) The big one ended becoming rotten and we had to throw him out :(

We then made pumpkin seeds of course! I used A Country Farmhouse's recipe! They turned out fabulous!

A little side note, I have been reading about Super Foods and pumpkins seeds are the most nutritional seeds out there...more incentive to roast them every year!

I was supposed to work the weekend so I knew I needed to find an Trunk or Treat around the Valley that was on Friday night! Sure enough I did...it was way out by our old neighborhood, but was worth the drive since we ran into our old neighbors whose church was putting this on! They were truly a blessing while we lived there and I feel that I did not value the time we had with time! I will try not to make that same mistake with our new neighbors....more on that in a bit HA!

Aubrey was a lady bug....I was going to have her matching Trey and make a poodle skirt...but when I saw this I knew I would never get away with her being in this any year after this one...I had to do it this year!

 Trey was James Dean or Danny Zuko ( I think he looked more like Danny form Grease HA! and actually in this pic he looks more like Johnny Depp in Cry Baby LOL) My Mother in Law found the jacket and it could not have been more perfect! He got sooooo many compliments! More than Aubrey HA!

Can you tell by the pics that Trey was in a little "mood"!! I have to admit he was a little overwhelmed...but let me tell ya the terrible twos....well they are trying! 

Well I was sooo lucky to come home early on Halloween (apprenlty not many women want to be induced on Halloween!!...Lucky me HA!)

So we were able to go to our neighborhoods block party. We were both a little nervous since we are the "new" family on the street, but it was soooo fun! I need to spend more time outside so we I get to know them better!

After wards we sat out front and handed out candy (Trey again was not wanting anything to do with the Trick of Treating.....he just wanted candy!


Happy Halloween 2010!!!!

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