Pumkin Patch attempt 2

 P.S. Sorry it took so long to post..I couldn't access my account, Thank goodness I remembered my super old other email address to change my password!!!

I began this blog a few years ago with my beginning post about Pumpkin Patch Bust!
It's actually quite hilarious!

Anyway, David and I had talked about going to Schenp Farms, which is a Pumpkin Patch and family Farm with rides and food!

Well we just were not getting our schedules to match up so I sorta forgot about it. Well yesterday my car battery died and David came home early to help me out with it. Well it took less time to replace it than he thought so he came home and said since he already missed golf practice (he is a coach) that we should head out.

So I hurried and got us all dressed ( I was sweaty form working out when he mentioned we should go HA!) and headed out.

I have never been to Queen Creek in Arizona...I can not believe how FAR it was.

We had a blast! We watched Frisbee catching dogs, tired to find the corn maze (not successful until after it was dark), rode a bumble bee ride, ate chili and corn (fresh too!) and rode the spooky train.

The ironic thing was we ran out of daylight and I NEVER got pictures of the kids with the pumpkins! Nor did we get pumpkins, we were told that everywhere on the farm took debit so we used the last of our cash for dinner...left to grab our pumpkins and they said they only took cash AHHHH!

Owell it just continues with my blog theme of pumpkin patch bust round 2!!

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