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Okay remember that scrap fabric I had???

Okay now that you remember...I actually made rosettes from them!

I was so happy they way they turned out!! I should have done a tutorial but I actually just used Jessica's tutorial ( I get a TON of inspiration from her!!!) I so want to be her friend....we are both nurses....we both have a son and daughter...we would be great friends!....okay enough obsessing LOL :)

Anyhoo... here is Aubrey modeling my handiwork.

I also wanted to say that I went to the Briar Patch with my ML yesterday and fell in love with a few items.....I plan on trying my hand at them....lets just say they consist of feathers and Alice in Wonderland :)

( You know your anxious now!)

Christmas cards

Are ordered!!! I ordered my 50 free Shutterfly cards..oh and I CAN'T wait for them to arrive!!

Okay here is a sneak peek!

Nothing fancy just all of us by our front door... but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way... It's HOME!!

Could't wait to share!

Okay I don't know if it was the day, the people, the location or just God blessing us today, but I had an AMAZING time shooting my good friend Tonya and her beautiful family!

At first I was AMAZED that I finally figured out how to work my ISO and be able to get amazing clear shots!  Shooting in manual is all starting to make sense and come together!! But to be honest....I think it was all GOD!

Tonya and her family mean so much to me and I am so blessed to have them back in my life and in the lives of my children. Trey just LOVES Josh. Ironic that we both have a son and a daughter so close in age. God new to put us back together!

Their family helped us in a time of need, so I am so honored to be able to give them this gift!!! Thank you so much you guys, I LOVED every second!

How stinkn' adorable are her kids!!!! Oh....I also did NOT add blue to their eyes....they were already like that!!!!!!!

P.S. I am soooooooo stoked that these turned out!!!!!! And can you tell my small obses…

My Christmas mantel

I am IN LOVE with having a mantel to decorate! I feel so blessed to be in this home this year! If you have been reading a while you know are whole fiasco with selling our house and our first rental! I never would have imagined that God had this house planned for least for now. I wasn't able to really decorate last year, so I guess that is why I was so anxious to get started on it this year.

  I have already been listening to Christmas music and had the kids watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Trey LOVES it. He got a stuffed Rudolph for Christmas last year and after watching the movie..will not let go if the thing HA!

My Dollar Tree hurricanes.

 I love my Santa's.

 My built in bookshelves...just as fun decorating as a mantel is.

If you can't already tell most of my decor are from thrift stores, the Target dollar area or the Dollar Tree its self. Hey I am thrifty (cheap) in all areas of my life!

QVC top turned to a lovley cardi...of sorts.

I found this awesome embroidered linen type was from QVC....I know this because the tags were still on. Not that I'm knocking QVC but for clothing I just am not in that stage of my life yet :)

However I could not get past the embroidery! So I took it home with me! I was so anxious to wear it...thinking it was designed for my style sense and to my disappointment is wasn't :( It just HUNG on me! No shape what so ever!!!

Well....I have been meaning to learn how to take things in soooooo I tried!

I LOVE how it turned out!!!!

I took the buttons off and took it way in!! Now it is a sorta wrap..cardi....thingy! (Good grief..if I keep taking self portraits I really should learn how to use the tripod!)

Okay you wanna see the outtakes though....

I guess I have a sleeve that is quite smaller/tighter than another...owell I actually didn't even notice until I was playing around with the scraps. Anyone thinking fabric roses to make with the scraps :)

I also am sooo anxious to…