It actually sorta turned out!

Does anyone out there read Grosgrain's blog???? Well I envy her talent sooooooo much!  I fell in love with her when I saw this coat she had.

Photo Courtesy of Grosgrain blog

I thought she bought it and I went to grab my wallet and I didn't care how much it cost I was going to buy it right then and there!

Well after reading the post I realized she made it...WHAT THE HECK!! I was sooo upset. So weeks went by and I fell in love with everything she would recreate.

I decided to try! My goodwill had a red coat similar to this for a few weeks. Last night all I wanted to do was go back and get it. This morning bright and early I ran back.


heartbroken...I didn't let it get to me.

I found this one for $6. I figured I would cut it up and try it anyway.

So while the kids napped I began to cut and sew....OMG I thought I ruined it..and to all you seamstress I did in your eyes HA!

But I LOVE how it turned out! I can't believe it!

Okay so side note...I was going to wait till my husband got back into town to take some pictures like Grosgrain's blog does...seriously her picture taking alone of her clothes are impressive. They make me swoon ;)

But alas I was waaaayyyy to anxious to share this with you.

I know the gloves look StUpId but I was trying to make it look "wintery" it has been in the 90's here in Phoenix....I am desperate to pull out all my old scarfs and gloves from my NAU days!

Quick recap of what I did....I shortened it (I have no clue how much just eyeballed it) then used that extra material and made the ruffle....that's it!

It took me about 2 hours, it would have taken me less time but

1. broke a needle..apparently you need a larger needle when working with coats....go figure :)

2. I kept breaking my thread when I was trying to make the ruffle.

But it was done by the time the kids woke up!!

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