Its that time of year!!

For Christmas cards!!!!! I seriously get a huge smile on my face when I start to see them arrive! My favorite ones are the photo cards!

I have ordered pictures from Shutterfly have been so pleased with their product that I am thrilled to order my holiday cards from them this year!

However there are so many to choose from!

They have actual Christmas cards that are folded and open with a photo on the front (way to cute)!  
Who doesn't love a monogram!

 Or they have the traditional...and my all time favorite original photo card that is flat :)

I love the simplicity of this one.  However this one is just FUN!

And if I was super crafty and a great hostess (which I'm sooooo not....I rely on others for this task HA!) they have an amazing selection of Holiday party invitations!

Again another I heart thee :)

Okay girls you wanna know the best part of Shutterfly and their amazing Holiday cards???? If you blog about them you can receive 50 free cards from Shutterfly!!! Go here for details!

Happy Holidays :)

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