QVC top turned to a lovley cardi...of sorts.

I found this awesome embroidered linen type was from QVC....I know this because the tags were still on. Not that I'm knocking QVC but for clothing I just am not in that stage of my life yet :)

However I could not get past the embroidery! So I took it home with me! I was so anxious to wear it...thinking it was designed for my style sense and to my disappointment is wasn't :( It just HUNG on me! No shape what so ever!!!

Well....I have been meaning to learn how to take things in soooooo I tried!

I LOVE how it turned out!!!!

I took the buttons off and took it way in!! Now it is a sorta wrap..cardi....thingy! (Good grief..if I keep taking self portraits I really should learn how to use the tripod!)

Okay you wanna see the outtakes though....

I guess I have a sleeve that is quite smaller/tighter than another...owell I actually didn't even notice until I was playing around with the scraps. Anyone thinking fabric roses to make with the scraps :)

I also am sooo anxious to show you all my finds today when I went to GW (Thursday is there dollar apparently I am even cheaper now.....not only do I thrift but now I only thrift on there dollar days...its a sickness I tell ya!)

I went with my MIL...she just might be my lucky charm :)

I found this ADORABLE Pottery Barn Kids crib set...and before anyone freaks I am not pregnant....yes I want more....but soooo not yet!! But I got it all (after my 20% discount) for $10.00!!!!!! Are you kidding me...these things go for hundreds!!!!!! Not sure what I am going to do with it yet ....but don't really care at the moment!

I also grabbed a few ugly yet practical sweaters to cut up and practice on for a $1.

How adorable is this outfit! The sweater is silk and cashmere....hello it was only $6!! and the skirt $1!!!

Trey and the Aubs also got a few goodies....I pair of Tommy pants and white dress shirt and a Christmas dress for the Aubs. It is a size 2t....but I might get impatient and see if I can take it in so she can wear it this year...we'll see!

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