Christmas Festivities

This weekend was full of Christmas festivities!

It began on Friday evening we went out as a family and picked out our Christmas Tree. I have no problem starting new traditions and incorporating others...but I have one small tradition that I can not give up, my real Christmas Tree.  I do go through thoughts of how much easier it would be in the end but NOTHING beats going out an picking our tree as family and the smell of it when you come home. Another silly thing is I must have colored lights on it too! I have nothing against white lights on a tree, and to be honest they can be ten times prettier with white lights, but my tradition and the excitement I get when I see colored lights is priceless and I hope to pass it down to my kids one day.

We put it up as soon as we got home (well...we first had to head back out b/c our tree stand was to small HA!) because we had a Christmas party to attend. It was nice to catch up with everyone. And as usual....left the camera at home :(

And then we had our Annual Pops Concert at our church tonight. I was so excited that I actually had the night off! What made it even better my husband performed one of his own Christmas songs! I so wished I had a link to show you!!

Aubrey looks thrilled doesn't she HA!..This was after the it was bed time!

It was great to see everyone and dress up for the holidays...speaking of which HA!

BOTH of my sweaters I wore this weekend were thrifted!!

The first one I knew I HAD to straight out of Anthro!

I did splurge a tad on this one...$5 :) It was a tad to big so I put it on inside out and pinned where it could be taken in and then sewed!

(sorry it was blurry....It was after the party and I wanted to grab a pic before heading off to bed, only to work in the morning. )

I LOVE this way of learning how to sew. It is cheap (cheaper than buying fabric and patterns..etc..) and I am getting an awesome wardrobe...and I am being green by recycling :)

  (sorry had to throw this in there...I just LOVED this outfit on her!)


That's the straightest line I have sewed yet!

And the one I wore tonight was only a buck!  Gotta luv dollar days at Goodwill. I was drawn to the cowl neck and little leaf establishments.  Just a little taking in and I was set!

It was a fabulous off to bed and going to enjoy a few more days off (but really it will be full of cleaning house, errands, laundry and cooking.....I love it all though!)

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