Santa Baby

Last week we took the kids to go see Santa.

We have had great luck every year with Trey not being afraid .... well this year was a whole different story.

Aubrey was very interested in him...Trey was scared to death HA! David had to sit with Santa just to get Trey to be in the picture (he had a death grip on David LOL)

I keep asking Trey if he wants to go back and visit Santa again and his answer every time is " no....but I'm not scared of Santa mommy" okay son I know LOL!

Next year I think I am dressing them up in their PJ's I saw a few families doing it this year and though it was an adorable idea!

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks! It is the first Christmas vacation for me in 5 years!!!! I am soaking in every minute!!

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