Aubrey your 11 Months!!!

I can not believe that I have not done a monthly post for you Aubrey for almost 5 months!!! I feel like such an awful mother :( Maybe I will sneak them back in so when I print off my blog I will have them.. Not like I am going to remember that when I am reading through this at 70 years old HA!

What are you doing???

  • You are crusing EVERYWHERE!!
  • You stood for the first time alone for a whole 3 seconds!!
  • You LOVE real food more baby food for you :(
  • You steal your brothers sippy cup all the time...I guess I can start giving you one too :(
  • "uh oh" is your favorite word
  • You have 4 teeth
  • You get into EVERYTHING and put EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • You just adore your brother 
  • You LOVE to crawl on and cuddle with Mommy and Daddy

I am sad to b planning your 1st Birthday party already! I am having a blast but it hurts how fast you are growing up! I feel like I just found out we where having you (let alone feeling like we just had your brother too H!)

 Photo Courtesy of Noyan Photography

I am however having fun planning your party! I am going with a Vintage Valentines day theme :) Since you are a Valentines Day baby. I figured I needed to play it up as much as I can before you get to old.

Here is what is inspiring me right now :)

Vintage toys

Vintage wrapping

 Dolie garlands

Vintage place settings

 Our wardrobe :)

 Please click on image for source

Valentines day decor

 Images from Bleubird Vintage, 

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