Hall of Fame

While I was in California for Christmas I knew that I HAD to take pictures of my Grandparents "Hall of Fame" They have put up family pictures in this hallway...well...for forever!!

They're rarely are ever knew frames added just snapshots tucked into existing frames and portraits. I think that is what makes the hallway to special, ask any one of us and we would all agree!

Lets first start off with the originals LOL...Although my Aunt Rhonda is missing....She was off getting Married and having babies :)

My Mom and Aunt Carol. When I showed David this for an split second he thought that was me. I guess I am really am turning into my mother HA!

My Mom...I think I see some of Aubrey in her :)

The Thomas clan :)

Family..I LOVE them all!!

These, however, are my favorite!!!

I spend so much time looking at the same pics over and over, every visit.

Now I have a permanent copy for me :)


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