Its over already!?!

 I can not believe how fast this Christmas season flew by!! I felt like I put up my decorations so early this year and now I need to start thinking of putting them away.

We had a great Christmas this year, it truly was one of the best I have had in years!!!!

It began for us on Christmas eve. We spent the afternoon over at my in-laws home to see everyone and play a mean game of monopoly .. no "official" winner but in the end I say it was safe to say I won HA! (although the morning we were stuck in urgent care...nothing like a last minute ear infection!)

We went to the candle light service with family and then went back home to eat and open gifts. We are just so blessed to have family all around us!!

 (Santa knows me toooooo well!!)

On Christmas Morning we opened gifts at our home...Santa came to visit too!!


 Later that afternoon we started our drive to my Grandparents home. They have an amazing ranch in Templeton!

It had been several years since I was up there for Christmas with the entire family.....It was AMAZING!!!

I am so fortunate that I was given the time to go up there again.

Oh man and Santa came AGAIN!!!! These children are beyond spoiled....the minute they turn rotten its over with HA!

Caroling in the living room :)

Wine Tasting with family..

Family Time

Aubrey fell in love with Josh..Again I can't wait for you two to have babies....My kids need more cousins!!

This is not all of us either LOL... if we want to get technical we were missing...lets see...17 other people (this includes wives and great grand children too!)

when we finally made it back home..we had our last Christmas at my Parents home..

 I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season! I am so sad it is over...but I am excited for the new year!!!!

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