Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!

Wow, baby girl I can not believe that a year has already gone by!

You are just my little ball of sunshine and you are the cutestest little spit fire as well.

What you are up too
  • You have thrown fits already (see comment about being a spit fire!)
  • LOVE your red hair!
  • You have taken two steps on your own....but are taking your sweet time with walking and I am okay with that.
  • You will NOT let anyone help you eat, you HAVE to do it own your own :)
  • You give kisses
  • You ALWAYS sleep with a doll and need to have something to snuggle with.
  • Every morning you and Trey sit and talk, and Trey usually steals food and you two eat and talk while we are still sleeping....it infuriates me but yet at the same time is precious.
  • You say momma and dadda ....it melts me

We had your party today even though your birthday is on Valentines day.  But we did for sure still celebrate by having an awesome dinner at Chucke Cheese!!!


I didn't have my camera but I LOVED playing with dads Polaroid feature on his phone. Here are a few pics from her birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday my princess....I love you more than you will ever know!!!! You are a true blessing to us and you bring so much joy to our family. Thank you Aubrey for being our little girl!

(party post and pics to come)

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