The Hoarder and the Junkie

That's what I feel like the theme of the last few days has been! I came back from a normal thrifting trip Monday and decided to scope out homes for sale in the neighborhood and came across a MASSIVE yard sale.

I was going to take pics but I felt it would be rude (I know what kind of blogger am I??).  It ended up being the home of a hoarder....and I mean totally off of the show type of hoarder! The poor lady was in the hospital, and had been for the past few months. Her nieces and nephews decided to clear her home out for her and what an undertaking that was!

But for a vintage junkie like I am it was pure HEAVEN!

I grabbed a few vintage Christmas ornaments and clothes for my store. The best part was she used to sell Tupperware and we reaped the benefits of that!

I went again the next morning and brought a girlfriend.

I stocked up on some amazing vintage clothing items to debut in the store soon! One is a vintage Sakes Fith Avenue evening gown....I kid not!!!! Here's a sneak peek :)

 I grabbed a few storage pieces of girlfriend Jodi stocked up!

All my beans are in them....did I mention we went vegetarian again :) p.s. don't ever watch Food Inc...if you ever want to eat meat again lol :)

Speaking of which here are my black been and green chili enchiladas...oh my word where they amazing!

 Sorry I got of subject..where were we..oh yes play date :)

Can you see Aubrey's first piggy's??? Jodi insisted that she had enough hair for them..and well she did!

Aubrey and Harley..only a few weeks apart! I think they look a little alike too :)

Jodi just might kill me for posting this but I had too....Your face is priceless!!!! So where the donuts..thanks for picking them up :)

 Gotta love being a boy with a big wheel! Its even better with a friend!

 I loved today :) It was so nice to see my kids playing with friends and to have a girlfriend to go junking with :)

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