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My first (and possibly my last) wedding ;)

I learned a TON after doing this wedding

1. I am pretty sure I will never pursue this more than a hobby HA!!!
2. I need to stick with one theme (color and editing....I had so many colors going on, it was and is to much....pick one Ash and stick with it!!)
3. The sun gives amazing natural light..the only problem....I need to learn how to use it better..shadows much Ashley?!?!
4. Overall this was one of the most humbling experience ever lol!

Thank You so much Mr. and Mrs. Fields for taking a chance on me, I hope you love them!



To all the prayer warriors in blogland...

Please keep my dad, John Thomas in your prayers. He has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his brain, liver, and bone. Pray that my family and I have the courage and peace to move ahead with this next journey with complete faith in Christ. We know that "the testing of our faith develops that we will be complete; lacking nothing." I might be a way for a while....but know that I LOVE blogging and can't wait to come back with a amazing journey to share with you all.-Ashley-