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couldn't sleep

so i decided to mess around you tube. i have heard of Mumford & sons and really liked their songs. but sorta forgot about them.....

until tonight i have fallen in LOVE with them

i bought their album on itunes and can't stop myself from listening to it!

enjoy ;)

to do

so thats the plan for today ♥ 
by the way is this not the cutest little note sheet ever! you can download it free here...i think it might be my new to do notepad :)

junking day

pretty typical thursday here.

we went thrifting or junking as my kids call it. we call it that for two reasons....
#1 another persons junk is sooooo my treasure!
#2 to keep the kiddos happy we usually bring a ton of junk food in baggies to keep them entertained while mommy shops. leftover easter candy, animal cookies,  fruit snacks etc...

i had an incredible day thrifting. most of which will be hitting the store soon.

speaking of which, the rest of the day will be filled with playing with kiddos, laundry and measuring and photographing the new goodies i have in store for red head vintage.

splash pad fun

even though we were at the zoo, i think we spent more time at the splash pad.

* apparently i was not the only mom who bought her kids swimsuits at the dollar tree lol

when it starts getting warm that's is sometimes the only thing to do at the zoo....even the animals think its to hot to come out and play!

have a great evening lovelies ♥

All work and no play

Easter 2011



what a blessed year! it has been a rough couple of months and i have a feeling it is only going to get rougher, but we have Jesus, and i have complete faith that He will receive glory through all of this.

we had a small easter at home. no easter bunny just baskets from mom and dad which symbolizes a gift, like the one Jesus gave us through His death and resurrection.

david was leading worship over in gilbert (about 40 miles east of us lol) so he was up and gone when we opened baskets.  so we decided to have breakfast with davids parents and gram then drive out to gilbert an worship there.

 i could not be more blessed with such a strong spiritual leader of my family.

we headed back home for naps and clean up (david had to do 4 services so we waited for him) and then headed to my parents house for easter dinner.

a quick note. the dress aubrey has on is the same one i wore on my first easter ;)

and last but not least. aubrey has been "sorta" wa…

Preparing for Sunday

how is your week going so far? ours is going great. my dad is finally doing better on his new chemo regimen he is on. God is really trying to have me focus on Him through all these trials. i get so angry yet, i feel his love through it all. hence all the videos and quotes this week.

i did a little thrifting today and had lunch with jodi. afterwards took a nap and then headed to her house to dye Easter eggs.

6 kids with eggs and dye....enough said.

since i work on Good Friday, and might not be able to blog, i wanted to share this with you.

it's friday, but Sunday is coming!!

Glorious day

i feel like i have been living so superficially lately. God is calling me back. He deserves all the glory and praise. He is who i live for. with all the sickness in my family alone, i need to understand that God is using sickness and sin for his ultimate plan. He truly has overcome the world with his resurrection.


i can't stop thinking of this song. this is what Easter is about, and i will make sure i give God all the glory on this blog and in my life and in the life of my family!

Park n' Play

had a great day today just getting together with a great friend, which it had been waaaay to long since we had seen each other.  we went to the park and let the little ones play.

unfortunately in phoenix one can not play all day, we were sweating by 11am.

there was only one tragedy today. tobey, the box car, was left behind. it is in this moment i am thankful to have two more tobies at home ;)

when i got home i noticed that my roses were blooming. ahhh it was so refreshing to see them all in bloom.

all i have planned for today is cleaning, organizing my etsy store and i just might cut some of those roses and place them around the house ;)