Easter 2011




what a blessed year! it has been a rough couple of months and i have a feeling it is only going to get rougher, but we have Jesus, and i have complete faith that He will receive glory through all of this.

gram-e and pop-e

we had a small easter at home. no easter bunny just baskets from mom and dad which symbolizes a gift, like the one Jesus gave us through His death and resurrection.

easter 1

david was leading worship over in gilbert (about 40 miles east of us lol) so he was up and gone when we opened baskets.  so we decided to have breakfast with davids parents and gram then drive out to gilbert an worship there.

easter breakfast

 i could not be more blessed with such a strong spiritual leader of my family.

my love

we headed back home for naps and clean up (david had to do 4 services so we waited for him) and then headed to my parents house for easter dinner.


a quick note. the dress aubrey has on is the same one i wore on my first easter ;)

easter 2

and last but not least. aubrey has been "sorta" walking. meaning she knows how to do it but just realizes she is faster crawling. well today she was walking EVERYWHERE. 


i love them all so dearly. happy easter from pumpkin patch.

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