Home Tour: Treys Room

i am so anxious to share trey's new big boy room. well, okay to be honest i am no where near being done. his curtains dont match and i really want to make a garland of polaroids for above his bed.

but since i finally found a bed for him, painted it and finally moved it into his room...i just had to share.

i found the very same bed for aubrey to..but hers was already white (although i still might paint it cream instead) but i remained on the hunt for one for trey. b.i.n.g.o  i found one for $100, i am pretty sure i could have found one for about $70ish, but i wasn't in the mood to haggle and frankly maybe he needed the money more than i did....so i didn't put up a fight.

i spray painted the sucker black and i was ready to go!

at first i had the box spring and the mattress on the bed but
1. it looked huge for trey
2. antique beds look better with only a mattress....probably because they didn't have box springs back in the day ;)

 yes, today i was one of those moms who let their kids run all day lob in their diapers....i promise you it doesn't happen often, but it did today ;)

I am at a lost for what i want to do for treys bedding. to help with the transition i bought a plan ol' blue bedspread to that i could still incorporate his nursery decor as well.  the pillowcases are actually still from his flannel bedding....as i said before its not complete yet..but then again is ever really....i swear my decorating style changes daily ha!

however, last week while i was thriftng i found this beautiful vintage mickey quilt. it is only a twin size but i realized i didn't care and bought it anyway. thank goodness i did because on the drive home i realized it would match the blue fine and could be used for a blanket!

this book is so very special to me. i would read and re read this book over and over again. they're are actually 2 others that my mom passed down to me, i will show them some other time.

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