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anyone out there using pinterest yet??

i feel like i just jumped on this bandwagon, but ohhh am i glad i did! it is a virtual pin board..amazing!

here are a few of my pins ;)

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

check the rest out here
although there is not too much at the moment..but ohh trust me will be adding a ton in the near future:)

happy 29th to me ♥

i had such a lovey birthday. the best part, not much was planned. i had a class early on for work but it ended by 9 so i met up with my girlfriend jessi. she was so sweet and bought me coffee for my birthday.

the best part....we hit up goodwill with iced coffee and no kids ......amazing lol ;)

i found some awesome shoes and jessi snagged the cuuuuteest vintage cabbage patch doll with the original clothes. (ill do a post on my finds soon)

afterward i came home and my husband and kiddos took me out to lunch.

we went to this new restaurant called windsor and churn. loved it. it was very "trendy" but good food and amazing ice cream. windsor is the main restaurant and churn is next door and is an old fashion ice cream and candy shop

later we came home...took naps..

and had a relaxing evening at home. i have been fighting a cold for a few days and it has really kicked my bum david grabbed paradise bakery so i could have some soup. i was to lazy to eat at the table so w…

wedding weekend

we had the pleasure to attend a good friends wedding this weekend. my husband has known this family....well for a long time!

 dan and whits awesome dance moves!!

 it was a gorgeous wedding...and that might be an understatement! i felt like hot stuff just being able to attend LOL!

market on the move

have you heard of this???

  it is slightly different that bountiful baskets and i am pretty sure it is not organic produce or even local (which i would prefer!). but we got all of this produce for $10!!!

it was so much i split it with a griflriend.

which means i got all of this for $5!!

it might become a weekly trip..a vegetarians dream ;)


after a quick trip to gw, i promised the kiddos we would have a picnic and head over to the park.

i really should have more discipline and should have packed a lunch, but..that's another goal and post to tackle later. my mom joined us for some yummy paradise bakery and fun.

i am working on changing my life and my perspective...enjoying what i have and realizing how toxic life can get if you let it. i will not let it! i will share with you soon this new life my family is headed in.

vintage pillowcase dress

after church on sunday the kiddos went down for a much needed nap. i thought about doing the same but had an itch to sew something (since it had been a while since i had last sewn anything).

my first pillowcase dress..was a sorta flop. so this time around i decided to make it a tad easier on myself and use an actual pillowcase.

i'm addicted. i still have a ton of room for improvement but i have a stack of vintage pillowcases on my desk that will turn into future dresses for some little girls i know ♥
i never did a one year old photo shoot with aubrey, so we grabbed a few of her best friends and went to the park.  the quote is from one of my favorite lullabies....but i also love Edelweiss (so here it is for you as well)

"bloom and grow" aubrey ♥

overnight surprise

david surprised me with an overnight stay at a resort in scottsdale (gotta love priceline!) on friday night.

 it was wonderful.

a beautiful dinner

cupcakes and coffee

and reading about God unfathomable greatness and his unfailing love.