happy 29th to me ♥

i had such a lovey birthday. the best part, not much was planned. i had a class early on for work but it ended by 9 so i met up with my girlfriend jessi. she was so sweet and bought me coffee for my birthday.

birthday thrifting

the best part....we hit up goodwill with iced coffee and no kids ......amazing lol ;)

birthday thrifting

i found some awesome shoes and jessi snagged the cuuuuteest vintage cabbage patch doll with the original clothes. (ill do a post on my finds soon)

afterward i came home and my husband and kiddos took me out to lunch.

birthday lunch

we went to this new restaurant called windsor and churn. loved it. it was very "trendy" but good food and amazing ice cream. windsor is the main restaurant and churn is next door and is an old fashion ice cream and candy shop


later we came home...took naps..

and had a relaxing evening at home. i have been fighting a cold for a few days and it has really kicked my bum today....so david grabbed paradise bakery so i could have some soup. i was to lazy to eat at the table so we put in peter pan and had a picnic in the family room.

dinner picnic
peter pan

today. was.


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