mothers day

mothers day

as i stated before i worked the weekend, however, i was able to head home early on sunday afternoon to spend some quality time with my family.

when i got home the kids were all napping, i had a quick bit to eat (thank you pope) and believe it or not, i  took a nap too...wooohooo.

afterward we woke up and headed to church since i missed this morning. i just have got into a bad habit of working a ton of sundays because in my head i was thinking i was spending more time with my kiddos. quantity yes, but quality no. i have noticed that i am working fewer sundays (only the required amount)  and that family time is more  memorable and shaping our family and children!

after church we headed to sauce for a quick bit to eat (one of the best places to get pizza and salad) then off to zoyo a frozen yogurt shop. and to our surprise moms were free...which was awesome because i sure did pile on my amount this time around ;)

first born

future surfer

i can not express how much i love my babies. trey who made me a can not describe the sense of identity i had when i had him.  i knew i was meant to be a mom, and i am loving every minute of it. (although the terrible twos are trying, i wouldn't trade a minute of all the tantrums he can dish out!)


new love

i also wanted to just thank my mother so much!!! you are one of the strongest women i know. you are an amazing christian women, wife and mother with thank you for raising us with compassion and strength. and i have been even more amazed how you have power to overcome the hurdles we are facing as a family. i love you mom. its my hope that i can be an amazing mother as you are.


and to katherine my mother in law. i really could not ask for a better mother in law.  you have raised some truly amazing sons. david is a man after Gods heart and is daily striving to lead his family in the right direction. i thank you so much for instilling such a strong love for family and Christ in your sons. i strive to be as energetic and fun loving of a mother as you are.

san fran

and lastly my love, i am so thankful that i am able to be a mother to our children. thank you so much for giving me the gift of being a mom, i love you so much!!!

coming home

happy mothers (again) everyone.

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