we had a wonderful past two days around here. i was off so of course we went thrifting on thursday, picked up some amazing finds! also donated a ton (what a relief, i thought i might end up on that hoarders show)!

we also made a quick trip to trader joes. i pretty much do all my grocery shopping there..well there and costco ;) while i was there i picked up some beautiful flowers. there is just nothing as nice as real fresh flowers in your home.


i am in awe of how awesome our God is. He created this marvelous universe, yet He was so detailed in even the small things of creation. like the flowers, just seeing them makes me stand in awe of Him and want to rejoice that he gave His creation to us.


while we were out we also picked up bambie, ohhh how trey loves it! he keeps asking for it..the crazy part i, even as an adult, still have a hard time watching it.  i always have to leave the room when the mom dies...or i will cry like a baby!


have a very blessed weekend! i work but it will be okay, hopefully i can be there for some new mothers on mothers day ♥

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