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okay so i was bold today......

and got bangs!...oh and feathers ;)

D's 30th

my beloved turned the big 3.0 this year! a small surprise party was thrown in his honor.

we had salad, cookie cake, friends, family and love.

i love you so much david. i truly thank God for you and that i was the one chosen to live life with you.


what to do when its 113 degrees out?

go for a hike  :)

at least we were not the only insane ones out!

simplifying my life: photography

if you would have asked me even two years ago that i would be pursuing photography as a strong hobby i would have said sweet and then thought nothing if it. i have always liked taking pictures (who doesn't) but i have just never been the "creative" type.

i am serious too. ask anyone who grew up with me. I had no real outward talents. i have two left feet and can not carry a note!

i can see now what God was preparing me for.

i was blown away at how fast i picked photography up. from still using a disposable camera at times to shooting with a dslr and shooting in manual!! if you would have asked me what iso, aperture and whiteblance were a year ago i would have noooooo clue what you were talking about.

as time went on i was asked to do pictures for many friends and coworkers, mainly for christmas cards. we had a lovely time, busy, but lovely.

and then an amazing opportunity called while driving home from christmas vacation. i was asked to photograph a wedding?!?! what..…

so true

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sooooo i have never or will ever be a fashion blogger. but i do enjoy finding other bloggers thrifty treasures and i was wearing my new fave dress so i decided to shamelessly do some pics of me in it.

the best part....i sooo was wearing it backwards the whole time HAHAHA, i realized this while at my future sister in laws shower. i went to put my hands in the pocket and was surprised i couldn't LOL.

but i think i can rock it either way...hey just keeping it real!

simplifying my life: Red Head Vintage

so a few posts back i mentioned how i was trying to simplify my life. well i am really striving to do this in all areas of my life. i decided i would break it up into a few posts ... sorta like a mini series.

i started Red Head Vintage in january. I stated that if i did or didn't have success that was okay. well i was having some success. which sent me into a whirlwind of how could i keep improving the store. what happened to me just selling a few vintage finds???

my problem is, if i want to do something i tend to invest my self fully into it. which i don't think is a bad thing necessarily. i think that's biblical. but at what cost was this to my family? i was taking my kids to 3 different thrift stores before noon. i took a fun weekly outing with my kids (which they actually used to enjoy) and turned it into work. my kids started to dread going. what did i do??

clothes started to take over my dinning room.  i began to obsess over my next photo shoots with my sister. how …


not much going on today. i did do a little thrifting. i came home to some beautiful daises. no reason, my husband just said he knows how much i like fresh flowers in the house. i put them in one of my grandmothers bud vases on the counter and have been enjoying them all afternoon. 
how has your thursday been?

tent time

we headed to ikea in search of beds
and came home with this play tent, the best $10 we have ever spent!

we even played in it the very next morning


Pictures from a stunning wedding! Congratulations Ryan and Vanessa ♥

have a beautiful week

trying to live this out

a day of just the two of us

as i posted earlier we headed out of town on thursday morning. we drove up to my grandparents place in templeton california (about 11 hour drive). we had a great evening of dinner and conversation. i really never tire hearing my mom, uncle and grandma share stories of their childhood.

friday morning david and i decided to skip out on the family and spend the entire day together. it was almost magical. in a weird sense it was almost better than our honeymoon. we actually talked about important things like God, our family and our future and not about the bigger and better things we dream about.

we ran into paso robles first and stopped by an incredible candy store. you really could spend a small fortune in this place!

and right around the corner was this magical place.

the best part is david actually had fun shopping in there with me. i found the most adorable "cotton candy" dress, handmade from a 1950s pattern! i plan on wearing sometime this week and will show you.

after sho…