simplifying my life: photography


if you would have asked me even two years ago that i would be pursuing photography as a strong hobby i would have said sweet and then thought nothing if it. i have always liked taking pictures (who doesn't) but i have just never been the "creative" type.

i am serious too. ask anyone who grew up with me. I had no real outward talents. i have two left feet and can not carry a note!

i can see now what God was preparing me for.

i was blown away at how fast i picked photography up. from still using a disposable camera at times to shooting with a dslr and shooting in manual!! if you would have asked me what iso, aperture and whiteblance were a year ago i would have noooooo clue what you were talking about.

as time went on i was asked to do pictures for many friends and coworkers, mainly for christmas cards. we had a lovely time, busy, but lovely.

and then an amazing opportunity called while driving home from christmas vacation. i was asked to photograph a wedding?!?! what..excuse me ... a wedding??

of course who would turn this down! so i jumped on it, scared out of my mind! how was i actually going to pull this off,  you can only edit so much ;)

that wedding help me seek god and realize that at this very moment i will not pursue photography as anything more than a hobby.

i fell just awful, i have sense turned down a few people and even a couple of weddings (yes two more) because i just feel that god did not give me this talent for profit.

it became (as thrifting did) another job. i put so much pressure on myself since i was getting paid to make sure i delivered an acceptable product. i take criticism hard, even if it is constructive.

i realized that my pictures turned out beautifully when i was just dying easter eggs with friends or photographing girls having a 1st birthday get together.

i truly enjoy taking pictures and using it as a gift to people. my desire is that i can use what creative abilities i have and give the glory to god. god gave me this talent because he knew this was how best i could glorify him.  i am going to use the time i would be stressing and preparing for a shoot to rather just go to the zoo with family and friends carrying along my camera.


*i have a few amazing friends who do photography as a business here in the phoenix area, please check them out!*

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