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while we were on vacation we spent some time in santa barbara. my uncle has properties and let us crash at a beach condo unit he is working on for a few nights..(ummm i was tempted to move in lol).

there were bikes for us to use....seriously i thought i was going kill myself trying to re learn how to ride a bike (its been ages).

but after i got the hang of it again, it was so relaxing to just cruise along the beach walk.  here are a few pictures.

we haven't been up to much these past few days. life is getting pretty rough for us and especially my dad. 
he was admitted on saturday night and was told that the chemo has now put him in the beginning stages of renal failure.  i knew that this was going to happen, if chemo works it kills your kidneys in the process. unfortunately the chemo has not worked.
we are taking him to a homeopathic doctor. i wish we would have taken this route in the beginning, the quality of his treatment would have been better, but hindsight is always 20/20.
we are secure in our faith and are relying on Gods promises and mercies. i don't know what Gods plan is in all of this, i only know that i am seeing him work, he is answering prayers it may not be in healing (maybe not yet) but he is providing comfort and fellowship and strengthening my faith and my families.
please keep us in your prayers. it is going to be rough in the following weeks. i am allowing God to direct our next steps and relyi…

phoenix childrens museum

what a day. it was just so sweet to see my kids light up with every new station we went to. it was almost as if they never wnated to leave what we were doing until they realized that the next are was even better.

i know for sure they play date was a hit.
because this was trey as we were leaving.... nap time, you think??

thrifty threads v. 4

me: thrifted $1.00; shoes, payless trey: top, target; shorts, thrifted; shoes, thrifted aubrey: outfit, gift from jennette (thank you!); shoes, target
today we headed out to the phoenix childrens museum. i just posted how we are trying to live more simple i.e. not spending as much; and then God blesses us with a free day pass to the museum!! the kiddos were in for a big surprise.

i have to be careful though. we had so much fun i was thinking that it would be something to think about getting an annual pass. i catch myself taking something God gives me and then think i need it in excess.  i had to step back and enjoy His showers of gifts!

<<<<< here is a sneak peek at our fun today. more pictures to come  >>>>>

simplifying my life: keeping up

i am letting go.
i am letting go of trying to keep up. letting go of my feelings and thoughts of "entitlement".
we made this mistake when we were newlyweds. why did we think we had to have the newest home with granite counters, crown molding, new cars and the best decor around? 
i thought i started to let go of this when i had kids but nope.
i just made sure they had the best clothes, sweetest hair bows and the trendiest toys around. ohh and their rooms had to be the best decorated. and don't even get me started on birthday parties and vacation planning.
then my dad got sick.
i began to think this is all meaningless.
what if i got sick? everything i worked to achieve for my family and myself would be meaningless.
"i denied myself nothing my eyes desire; i refused my heart no pleasure. my heart took delight in all my work,  and this was reward for all my labor.  yet when i surveyed all that my hands had done and what i had toiled to achieve,  everything was meaning…

time in templeton

just a few random pictures of our time in templeton >>>

the kitties just loved david

apparently my grandpa was a salesman.....who sold glasses. these are real deal vintage ha.

trey got a hold of the camera....these are all his pics...
the photog himself.

extras from the park by the lake

this little fella loved the kids nutella sandwiches

 farmers market....the best peach i have ever had in my entire joke!


the candy store

this guy came to my grandparents backyard almost every night

i enjoyed my grandparents property and took it all in!

ate some amazing food

and i had the privilege to take my cousins engagement pictures. (i am slowly working on more too, i promise jess!)

i love you templeton ♥

thrifty threads v. 3

sunday best

we had a great day today. went to church, had a family lunch at sweet tomato's, and then dinner with my mom and dad.

please keep my father in your prayers. he needs to be lifted up, spiritually, emotional and physically. many people i talk too tell me cancer is like a roller coaster.

its true.

he is at a low right now,

we are all at a low right now.... please keep us all in your prayers.

my husband starts school this week, which is always exciting!

i hope every one has a blessed week.

beach babies

san simeon beach 2011

i love this beach, it is calm, wild and open. they only other people you see here are locals surfing. it's awesome.

the water is chilly and there is a cool breeze, but laying out in the sun is heaven.

we played in the sand...

grilled some dogs (and veggie dogs).....

God bless my was a little too chilly for him and (for all my nurses out there) his hemoglobin was 5...yikes!!! He's getting better now though, Praise the Lord!

and flew a kite :)