we haven't been up to much these past few days. life is getting pretty rough for us and especially my dad. 

he was admitted on saturday night and was told that the chemo has now put him in the beginning stages of renal failure.  i knew that this was going to happen, if chemo works it kills your kidneys in the process. unfortunately the chemo has not worked.

we are taking him to a homeopathic doctor. i wish we would have taken this route in the beginning, the quality of his treatment would have been better, but hindsight is always 20/20.

we are secure in our faith and are relying on Gods promises and mercies. i don't know what Gods plan is in all of this, i only know that i am seeing him work, he is answering prayers it may not be in healing (maybe not yet) but he is providing comfort and fellowship and strengthening my faith and my families.

please keep us in your prayers. it is going to be rough in the following weeks. i am allowing God to direct our next steps and relying on his grace and mercy. i am learning i can not control my dads treatments or life, i can only wait upon the lord and allow him to be our strength and savior. 


( i still have a ton of pictures of vacation to post, and since i am not sleeping well these days....i'm sure they will make an appearance soon :)

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