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happy halloween 2011

schenpf farms 2011

on thursday we took our annual trip down to queen creek to visit schenpf farms.
it was even better than last year!

minus the random act of car sickness that aubrey had 5 minutes prior to arriving (YUCK!) there went all my hopes of great they would be with pink "leftovers" all over her white (smart me) shirt!

we got to ride a carousel that dates back to 1912 (can you believe that in a few months it will be one hundred years old!!!!)

the kids were both big enough to ride all the rides this year.

the train ride around the farm....treys favorite part :)

he is always so serious!

trey was brave enough this year to ride the roller coaster. i thought it would have scared him the most. but the entire car ride home all he talked about was the roller coaster.

a hay ride (i almost had them re-take the photo b/c of aubrey's face....but then realized that's her attitude the majority of the time, so i felt it appropriate to share real life  (lol)

stopping to see an…

tomato basil soup & feature

just packing and cooking here today.

i have finally turned all my tomatoes either into soup or sauce.

i am featured over at one of my favorite blogs today so go say hi over at {create loves}!

other than that...going to carve pumpkins tonight..have a great weekend everyone!

faded family fotos v.2


i miss you so much. i actually have avoided looking at pictures of you because it makes the reality all to real that i can't talk to you any more. i think i have cried more over this simple post because i can't share it with you. i can't share what the kids are going to be for halloween, the vegan style thanksgiving i want to throw.  heck even britteny and mom are vegetarians now....see i am slowly converting them all. although i am sure that if we were all at the spot in carp, we would all suck it up and have a burger for you.  its getting harder dad, its harder today than it was the day you left.  i just want to pull away and only surround myself with my family.  you made us strong dad.  we are all there for each other and especially for mom. i miss you dad, i really miss you!

i never get tired

of the zoo!
the weather is near almost perfect now in phoenix! it's time to soak it up while it's here!

the owl was actually tearing up eating a mouse. i deleted it to make this post family and vegetarian friendly! ;)

spider webs

just some snap shots of a toned down halloween/fall decorating. i actually feel guilty this year for decorating. look at all the money, time and effort i put in to decorating.  in the grand scheme of things, this is in no way furthering Gods kingdom.

i try to justify it by saying "i'm making my house a home" or "my kids enjoy it" but lately i have felt...well i'm not sure how i feel other than guilty.

just some food for thought :)

 other than that, i am just cleaning, donating items and making tons of tomato sauce today. 

this is the second week that i have had an over abundance of tomatoes from our food co-op!!!