Bible Study

bible study

i am so blessed! seriously, Gods timing is always perfect.

a dear friend pointed out to me,  that last time we had a real close bible study group a close friend laura was struggling with loosing both of her parents to cancer. i remember being there as a group for her and her family.

i wish i was there more for her, monna and the rest of her family. i was able to have sympathy for them, but you really have no idea what they are going through until you live through it yourself.

we joined our current bible study just weeks before my dad passed. it consisted with a few of the same couples as our last group but we had new friends and the old ones matured. (funny how that happens)

bible study
bible study

again the timing was perfect. they have been there to help us grieve and most importantly pray for us.  and we are not the only ones hurting. our friends, danny and melissa, are suffering too. danny's father has been fighting cancer for several years now.

its taking a toll on him and his family. our bible study group has helped danny and i....

to let go.

let others pray for us.

cry and get angry in front of others.

and most of all to help heal us.

i took these photos for a friend who was going to use them at church, i feel so honored to be able to use a talent/hobby that god has given me to bless other people.

bible study

bible study
bible study

thank you guys for being there!!!

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