faded family fotos v.2


i miss you so much. i actually have avoided looking at pictures of you because it makes the reality all to real that i can't talk to you any more. i think i have cried more over this simple post because i can't share it with you. i can't share what the kids are going to be for halloween, the vegan style thanksgiving i want to throw.  heck even britteny and mom are vegetarians now....see i am slowly converting them all. although i am sure that if we were all at the spot in carp, we would all suck it up and have a burger for you.  its getting harder dad, its harder today than it was the day you left.  i just want to pull away and only surround myself with my family.  you made us strong dad.  we are all there for each other and especially for mom. i miss you dad, i really miss you!

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