not much going on here today. i actually think i am going to "decorate" for fall today. i wasn't planning on it (moving in all) but i think i will and this way i can start packing all my everyday decor away. 

i have a busy week ahead.  i work tomorrow and fri and sat. i am trying to get off early sat because i am going to head to dinner with my husband and francis chan!!! i am super excited. he is speaking sunday morning and sunday evening at our churches.

other than that i am cleaning and recovering from the weekend. i am so glad fall is here. the temps are rising again but hopefully not for long.

btw this is the pumpkin cupcake/muffin floating around is sooo moist and delish. my kids ate them up for breakfast (it is cakemix) but at least there is also a whole can of real pumpkin in it too!

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