simplifying my life: downsizing

has anyone out there read the book crazy love?  my husband and i began reading it together. we were humbled by how much we have consumed in the short 6 years we have been married and how we have let it control our lives and our faith.

we have become those lukewarm christians. we give but not enough to impede on our standard of living. even with us downsizing it really isn't changing the way we live. actually even with the decrease in about 800 sq. we still do not need to change anything with our standard of living.

“The concept of downsizing so that others might upgrade is biblical, beautiful...and nearly unheard of."  -Francis Chan

i am not writing this to tell people "look at us" but to slowly work on our own failures and to start using whatever extra we do have and to give it back.

are we perfect?? ....

heck no, but this is a start and the TRUCK loads that we have donated to the church and goodwill are a start (i mean really, do i need all the hobby lobby decor i have acquired throughout the last few and i for sure don't have the space for it now either!!).

so here we are in our AMAZING new home. seriously when we decided to downsize, in a market that was only upgrading, we had no idea what god was going to do. he has only blessed us more. sometimes i even feel that we didn't downsize enough. i mean we actually lost about 800sq but we gained a better neighboorhood and community. who knows maybe we are not suposed to live here forever, but we are here now and we need to honor god and our purpose here.

i am actually super excited and looking forward to this new year, i have already changed the way we are living and consuming and i can not wait to share it all with you!!!

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