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>the cinnamon rolls at sweet tomatoes are the best!!!
>beautiful sunrise and worship
>sometimes all you need is a coke and fries
>lazy day with homemade pazzokies and watching endless summer for my dad

he did it

that's right my boy is potty trained. to be honest i didn't think this day would ever come. it is so nice to not have to change a 3 year olds poopy diaper any more, however, it means my 1st born is no longer a baby but a little boy!!

it took roughly 3 days of me being home and not leaving the house and just letting him run around naked. we had some accidents. he went "tee tee" on his sisters bed (ewww) and then blammed it on the cat. there is no way that cat could urinate as much as was on the bed!

but we finally made it passed the finish line. actually yesterday we went potty standing up like dad. i asked him if he needed help he said no, i heard him go, flush, and wash his hands.  with in a week he went from screaming when sitting on the potty to not even needing me!!

pinterest to real life

not much going on around here today. some laundry, blogging, and napping (i work tonight).

i was wasting time on pinetrest and came across a fun use for oranges, or probably any citrus for that matter.

i had a batch of clementines that weren't very tasty from my food rescue so i decided to try out the clementine candle.

it turned out kinda cute. it had a subtle scent, noting strong like a scented candle, but natrual and its actually burns for several hours!

it's super easy! cut the clementine (or orange, grapefruit etc.) in half and scoop out the center leaving the middle steam intact (it's the wick). fill with oil, i used olive oil, and light!


>>> a fellow arizona blogger m over at the lady waits shared a link and i almost fell out of my chair laughing/crying and sorta embarrassed that my family might fit into this category :)
it's how to be a hipster. please read ALL three is the funniest thing i have read in a while!

>>> on a hipster note,  i came across this jewelery line called noonday collection.  they are a company that promotes fair trade for the countries and women that create the jewelery. the women can begin to pull their families farther away from poverty.

is this not gorgeous! i might be ordering from them shortly...shhh don't tell my husband :)

>>> some netflix shows my husband and i are into right now...
             > downton abby
             > universe (i am so in awe of our god!)
             > white collar (bad acting, good story line)

inspired my my blog pal m to share what has been inspiring me lately, enjoy!

insta fun

silly face edition :)

recent thrift finds

i haven't shared much of my new thrift finds lately.

i don't have a ton because one of my news years resolution is to only go thrifting twice a month. i am so embarrassed to admit i would usually hit up GW once a week and if i was stressed or anxious i would make a spontaneous trip aside from the usually planned thursday trip.

i found this sign a while back and just love it. (look at all that produce it all came from my food rescue!!)

so true :)

the serenity prayer is a daily reminder for me to accept who god made me. it is the first thing you see when you walk into my house.

 the last two are my most recent finds.  i love love love this punch bowl. now all i need to do is actually entertain (something i never do).

 this little gem is precious to me. my mom as the same one. now they're  two in the family :)

isn't she sweet!

so instead of thrifting to day i hope you enjoyed my recent finds.
happy thursday!!

laundry soap

one of the very first ways i started to "go granola" was to start making my own laundry detergent.

i had read a ton of blogs about the liquid kind and i just wasn't sold. i mean i don't have room (or patience) to make gallons of detergent.

but thanks to pinterest i found a dry recipe...and i have been sold!

3 ingredients....
zote: $0.96
washing soda: $2.50
borax: $3.50

recipe: 2 cups of grated zote (half of a large bar!)
            1 cup of borax
            1 cup of washing soda

so you can see that a box of borax and washing soda go a long way! you only need a tablespoon of detergent for a large load....seriously, that's it! i sometimes feel it's not enough but it really is.

you can also use fels naptha or ivory soap. i just love the smell and pink curls of the zote bar.

i haven't used any natural stain removers but at the blog of live renewed she rates natural stain removers. i'm going to make some of my own soon too!

boot camp

we are having a potty training boot camp over at our home this week.

please pray for me :)


little bits from my week. happy friday the 13th :o)

i work tonight hopefully all the "crazies" are gone by the time i get there!


it's official i am a night shift nurse.

i just felt called to go part time but on the night shift before christmas. my managers were so nervous i was making the wrong decision (do you know how hard it is to get a day position in L&D!!).

i wasn't. i knew (or more like my husband knew) that god would make it work beautifully if it was his will.

i am loving it. i can have dinner with my family every night. on the morning i get off work i go home and sleep for 4 hours or so and i am up and ready to spend time with my family (usually around 12:30 or 1:00)  that's a whole heck of  a lot more time than being gone ALL day!

i am usually tired by bedtime that night too, which is a change because i would never go to bed at the same time my husband did.

i just figured that my kids are growing up way to fast to be missing days with them.  i'll sacrifice sleep to be with them more and i'm not losing that much since i am an insomniac anyway :)

little boy

my baby boy is quickly turning into a handsome little boy.

on a whim i took him to get his hair cut. i almost shed a tear....i just love those curls and shaggy hair do he has always had.

this is fun and he LOVES it. he was even excited to get his hair cut and ran to the chair (this is soooo not my son lol)

the front was spiked out which made him even look older  *sigh* but this hair cut might be a keeper.

now if only i could learn this cut (i was taking mental notes) to become a tad more frugal...he will only let me cut his hair for so long, might as well attempt while i can!

line dry

one of the easiest ways i have found to actually enjoy (or make more bearable) laundry is to line dry.  i am not really sure why it never "clicked" before....i mean we live in arizona my clothes dry faster outside during the summer months than using my dryer!

i just bought rope and clothespins attached to each side of our arizona room and voila a $2 clothesline.

by line drying it is estimated to save you anywhere from $40-$100 a month (5 loads/week). i have the energy saving plan at home and i would always have to rush or wait to do laundry so it wasn't during peak hours. now i do a load everyday, hang it, and actually put them away. line drying is helping me get a firm grasp on our laundry and learning to be disciplined to what i preach.

i have to tell you actually relaxes me!! that shouldn't surprise me though. my grandma has a clothes line and i would beg to put the cloths out on it when i was younger....what kids actually enjoys doing laundry????

(see …

a phoenician fall

it has been beautiful the last week here, we have spent a lot of our time outside. its refreshing to have such an open backyard that the kids can explore.

i am trying to be more purposeful with spending time out doors with no t.v. . we don't have cable as it is but we can spend countless hours watching movies (over and over again). its wonderful to see the kids playing with each other with nothing more than what god created.


this past year has been a challenging year (and that's to say the least). even before my dad got sick i wanted to rid myself and my family of the demand our culture puts on us and the carcinogins that we use and eat everyday.

i have been a vegetarian since high school, with a few years where i went rouge...pregnancy does that you! but last year after aubrey was born i went back and my whole family joined me.

we haven't been healthier.  we have lost weight, increased our energy and have influenced others to try a vegetarian diet.

but after my dad and cousin got sick i had a reason to dive head first into pursuing a more natural lifestyle. from using cloth napkins to washing my face with oil to playing outside more. we are determined to stop the consumerism and gluttony this family has "enjoyed" and value and protect gods creation.

i've been on this journey for a few months and feel led to share it. to be honest i am learning most of what i do from fellow blogge…

belated christmas

tonight we had christmas over at my parents home. despite all the smiles it was one of the hardest days i have had in a while. we pushed through and enjoyed our time as a family. 

it was laid back evening. we opened gifts, ordered pizza, and watched a movie.