this past year has been a challenging year (and that's to say the least). even before my dad got sick i wanted to rid myself and my family of the demand our culture puts on us and the carcinogins that we use and eat everyday.

i have been a vegetarian since high school, with a few years where i went rouge...pregnancy does that you! but last year after aubrey was born i went back and my whole family joined me.

we haven't been healthier.  we have lost weight, increased our energy and have influenced others to try a vegetarian diet.

but after my dad and cousin got sick i had a reason to dive head first into pursuing a more natural lifestyle. from using cloth napkins to washing my face with oil to playing outside more. we are determined to stop the consumerism and gluttony this family has "enjoyed" and value and protect gods creation.

i've been on this journey for a few months and feel led to share it. to be honest i am learning most of what i do from fellow bloggers. i am not saying we will not fail (i might just have to use my dryer one day instead of line drying) but i am rather trying to step away from the rat race we are stuck in and enjoy my life, family, household and everything that comes with it as simple as i can.

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