he did it


that's right my boy is potty trained. to be honest i didn't think this day would ever come. it is so nice to not have to change a 3 year olds poopy diaper any more, however, it means my 1st born is no longer a baby but a little boy!!

it took roughly 3 days of me being home and not leaving the house and just letting him run around naked. we had some accidents. he went "tee tee" on his sisters bed (ewww) and then blammed it on the cat. there is no way that cat could urinate as much as was on the bed!

but we finally made it passed the finish line. actually yesterday we went potty standing up like dad. i asked him if he needed help he said no, i heard him go, flush, and wash his hands.  with in a week he went from screaming when sitting on the potty to not even needing me!!

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