line dry


one of the easiest ways i have found to actually enjoy (or make more bearable) laundry is to line dry.  i am not really sure why it never "clicked" before....i mean we live in arizona my clothes dry faster outside during the summer months than using my dryer!

i just bought rope and clothespins attached to each side of our arizona room and voila a $2 clothesline.

Picnik collage

by line drying it is estimated to save you anywhere from $40-$100 a month (5 loads/week). i have the energy saving plan at home and i would always have to rush or wait to do laundry so it wasn't during peak hours. now i do a load everyday, hang it, and actually put them away. line drying is helping me get a firm grasp on our laundry and learning to be disciplined to what i preach.

i have to tell you actually relaxes me!! that shouldn't surprise me though. my grandma has a clothes line and i would beg to put the cloths out on it when i was younger....what kids actually enjoys doing laundry????


(see my neighbors have a legit one ;)

DSC_0529 my little helpers ♥


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