>>> a fellow arizona blogger m over at the lady waits shared a link and i almost fell out of my chair laughing/crying and sorta embarrassed that my family might fit into this category :)
it's how to be a hipster. please read ALL three is the funniest thing i have read in a while!

>>> on a hipster note,  i came across this jewelery line called noonday collection.  they are a company that promotes fair trade for the countries and women that create the jewelery. the women can begin to pull their families farther away from poverty.

is this not gorgeous! i might be ordering from them shortly...shhh don't tell my husband :)

>>> some netflix shows my husband and i are into right now...
             > downton abby
             > universe (i am so in awe of our god!)
             > white collar (bad acting, good story line)

inspired my my blog pal m to share what has been inspiring me lately, enjoy!

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