it's official i am a night shift nurse.

i just felt called to go part time but on the night shift before christmas. my managers were so nervous i was making the wrong decision (do you know how hard it is to get a day position in L&D!!).

i wasn't. i knew (or more like my husband knew) that god would make it work beautifully if it was his will.

i am loving it. i can have dinner with my family every night. on the morning i get off work i go home and sleep for 4 hours or so and i am up and ready to spend time with my family (usually around 12:30 or 1:00)  that's a whole heck of  a lot more time than being gone ALL day!

i am usually tired by bedtime that night too, which is a change because i would never go to bed at the same time my husband did.

i just figured that my kids are growing up way to fast to be missing days with them.  i'll sacrifice sleep to be with them more and i'm not losing that much since i am an insomniac anyway :)

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