recent thrift finds

i haven't shared much of my new thrift finds lately.

i don't have a ton because one of my news years resolution is to only go thrifting twice a month. i am so embarrassed to admit i would usually hit up GW once a week and if i was stressed or anxious i would make a spontaneous trip aside from the usually planned thursday trip.

i found this sign a while back and just love it. (look at all that produce it all came from my food rescue!!)


so true :)

the serenity prayer is a daily reminder for me to accept who god made me. it is the first thing you see when you walk into my house.


 the last two are my most recent finds.  i love love love this punch bowl. now all i need to do is actually entertain (something i never do).


 this little gem is precious to me. my mom as the same one. now they're  two in the family :)


isn't she sweet!


so instead of thrifting to day i hope you enjoyed my recent finds.
happy thursday!!

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