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it's good for my soul

i hate to take another small blogging break again but my mom and i (and the little ones) are headed to cali to stay at my grandparents ranch for about a week. i really wish i didn't have to leave david behind but when i realized i had 10 days off i knew i needed to snatch my mom and head out for some country life.

hopefully by the time i get back i will be getting more energy and be able to tackle some posts and projects that i have been meaning to get around to do.  you can follow me on instagram if you wanna keep up with my small vacation, my user name is pumpkinpatch11.


after weeks of feeling sluggish (literally i have done close to nothing these past few weeks just ask the mister!)  i have a some energy back so i need to channel it into tackling this mess!

we will be listening to records


and tackling this room!

  and checking it off the spring clean list

i just downloaded the app pictureshow luuuvvv it!


it's true! we are expecting our third little one and we are so blessed and thankful!

sorry to have been so vague,  i have complete faith in god that his will, will be fulfilled whether or not i share my exciting news publicly but i also wanted to just see that little heart beat before i made it completely official.

i am so excited for this little one! its due date is in september, which will be the one year anniversary of my dad being gone. god is amazing he has taken what will be a difficult month and year and has turned it to something beautiful and he truly deserves all the praise. 

we have told the kids, aubs dosen't really know whats going on and trey thinks i ate the baby....well it's how it got in my tummy :p i love that that child!


sorry i have been m.i.a. lately....i have been feeling very tired and sick the last few weeks and fortunatelyit will not be going away anytime soon :)

i will be back with details and pictures.

faded family fotos v. 4

what a sassy picture of my grandma (my mothers mom). i have no clue who these men are .... and by the back of the photo, not sure if she did either ;)

the thing that stuck out the most in the picture is how her knee is bent girls all know how that makes our knees and legs look thinner. apparently it's nothing knew, we've been doing it for years!

going granola..reusable snack bags

with our family learning to live more simply and cutting back, getting rid of plastic baggies seemed like an easy task (easier said than done..)

i have seen reusable snack bags everywhere on etsy. i just wasn't willing to spend a ton...especially when i have a ridiculous amount of fabric hanging around here.

so while the kids napped i busted out the sewing machine .... dusted it off ... and got to work.

i didn't want to make anything elaborate and i didn't want to have to buy anything more for this project so when i found this tutorial off of pinterest (angels singing) i was set.

i also decided to add a little embroidery to some of them...after seeing these adorable bags!

they were so fun and easy i was able to bust out five in about an would have taken less time if i skipped the whole embroidery.

now obviously this is not coated with vinyl so i can't put anything wet in it .... but that's what tupperware is for  :)

pickle soup

yes...there is such a thing!!! a good friend and co-worker makes this amazing polish soup on special occasions at work for all of us. well this past christmas she was making it and i had forgot there was chicken in it, and since my family and i don't eat chicken i asked her for the recipe and if it would be easy to modify. she said sure thing....and the vegetarian version of margaret's polish pickle soup was born!

so here we go....sorry this pictures are not the best i can honestly admit i am nooo food blogger lol!

the ingredients: 1 large jar of whole dill pickles
                          1 onion
                          1-2 carrots and celery each
                          1 bell pepper
                           1/2 pint (roughly 1 cup)  of heavy whipping cream
                           any small shape pasta
                           vegetable broth or (as i used) vegetable bullion cubes

 >> saute all your veggies, except for t…