going granola..reusable snack bags


with our family learning to live more simply and cutting back, getting rid of plastic baggies seemed like an easy task (easier said than done..)

i have seen reusable snack bags everywhere on etsy. i just wasn't willing to spend a ton...especially when i have a ridiculous amount of fabric hanging around here.

so while the kids napped i busted out the sewing machine .... dusted it off ... and got to work.

i didn't want to make anything elaborate and i didn't want to have to buy anything more for this project so when i found this tutorial off of pinterest (angels singing) i was set.

Picnik collage
i also decided to add a little embroidery to some of them...after seeing these adorable bags!


they were so fun and easy i was able to bust out five in about an hour...it would have taken less time if i skipped the whole embroidery.



now obviously this is not coated with vinyl so i can't put anything wet in it .... but that's what tupperware is for  :)

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