pickle soup

yes...there is such a thing!!! a good friend and co-worker makes this amazing polish soup on special occasions at work for all of us. well this past christmas she was making it and i had forgot there was chicken in it, and since my family and i don't eat chicken i asked her for the recipe and if it would be easy to modify. she said sure thing....and the vegetarian version of margaret's polish pickle soup was born!

so here we go....sorry this pictures are not the best i can honestly admit i am nooo food blogger lol!

the ingredients: 1 large jar of whole dill pickles
                          1 onion
                          1-2 carrots and celery each
                          1 bell pepper
                           1/2 pint (roughly 1 cup)  of heavy whipping cream
                           any small shape pasta
                           vegetable broth or (as i used) vegetable bullion cubes

 >> saute all your veggies, except for the pickles, in olive oil until soft.


 >> next add your vegetable broth or water with bullion cubes. i used about 5 cups of water and 2 bullion cubes.

>> while this simmers shred your entire jar of pickles.


>> add pickles to soup and about 1/2 of the juice from the jar.
>> simmer
>> in another pot boil pasta. i have wondered if you could just add the dry pasta to the soup but i didn't want it to absorb all of the broth while cooking.


>>add heavy whipping cream and cooked pasta.


>> eat!!!


 it's okay to be hesitant with this recipe but if you like pickles or are craving them like me (hint hint :)

it is amazing. my whole family loves it and it has now become our vegetarian version of "chicken noddle soup" .

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