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pool weather

it has been in the high 80s and even reached into the 90s today and for the rest of the weekend!! so naturally while i was out and about i saw this pool for super reasonable price and picked it up.

*side note it did NOT fit in my car....i should have thought about this first but i am an impulse shopper :) my mom and my dads truck came to the rescue!

our new home dosen't have a pool, and i am okay with this! the energy it cost to run a pool....we just don't need it. however, we do live in arizona so a play pool and a slip n' slide are necessary.

we're back

we had a blast! i am so sad that it was time to come home and back to reality :( but since i caught the photography bug i am having fun playing around with some of the images that we captured.

jess and matt part II

really can you beat the beauty of the central coast!!!! it was perfect and blogging this has given me the itch to start taking more pictures again ;p

faded family fotos v.5

on the 13th it marked a year since my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. if you would have asked me where we would be a year from that day, i most likely would think either a) still fighting or b) in remission.

i just thought god would come through, he was going to use my dad as a testimony to his greatness. i know in the end he did use my dad and his life as a testimony i was just selfish/human to think he would respond the way i would have.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.
                                                                                                                     -isaiah 55:8

central coast in instagrams

jess and matt

i would make the worst professional photographer ever!!!

i did my cousins engagement photos this past SUMMER and i am now just getting them to her.

i edited this one at like midnight just to play around with different editing styles...

omg i'm in love

pure accident but i think it's heavenly!

i will share more soon :)

our weekend in the pines

a few weekends ago david was asked to be the worship leader for winter camp. they whole family decided to sneak up with him and enjoy a weekend in the mountains.

the kids loved it! i was hoping for snow in prescott but we were a weekend to late (we made up for it though).

trey fell in love with camping and i am so ready to take them out this year and start camping more as a family. david and i camped before we had kids (and i camped when i was a kid) but we haven't done any camping since having kids. we will hopefully be making up for it this summer!

since david still had monday off from school we drove up to flagstaff after the camp ended to find some snow. i think we found it!

i booked a camping cabin at the koa in flag we played in the snow until our noses were about to fall off......well trey and i did, aubrey was not the biggest fan of the cold.

 * he threw the snow ball smack dab in my face lol...i had no idea this picture even turned out!!