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my 678,983 attempt at a garden

seriously, everyone in my family has a green thumb but me! and we are talking both sides of my family..and everyone...uncles, cousins, grandparents, aunts, mothers....

i refuse to let my brown thumb stop me, although i am pretty sure my husband would like me to..since we are not exactly saving money every time i kill a garden x)

 yellow tomato, no fruit yet but it has doubled in size


cilantro yummo


my wildflowers i planted by seed are coming in.

cherry tomatos
 yea!!!! hopefully i keep it alive long enough to enjoy fruits of my labor...pun intended.. : )

side view

 artichoke and corn

i also read (gotta love pinterest) that you can regrow pineapple, celery, and green onion. as soon as i use what i have up, they will be added too!

instagram easter

driving to church in our sunday best!

1st easter egg hunt

2nd easter egg hunt....they are LOADED on candy...yikes!

what i posted on fb....

"What a beautiful day!! So blessed and humbled that we don't celebrate a pointless holiday centered around bunnies. Jesus satisfied gods wrath on the cross, fulfilled his promise and rose on the 3rd day, and I have the hope, peace, and joy that all my sins and failures have been wiped clean from gods eyes as a result of what Christ did for me!"

i truly hope you all had a wonderful and beautiful easter!

hearst castle

i have been going to the central coast ever since i was born. a private beach in san simeon has been a favorite summer beach spot for years. however, i have NEVER been to hearst castle. so my lovely husband took the family for the adventure.

the tapestries that he had hanging in the formal living room were the original. as in from back in the 1500s!!!!! the louvre in france only has the replicas...can you believe that!!!!

the marble statues were stunning.

hello pools!

next time we are up there i am itching to tour the upstairs, kitchen, and cottages that surround the castle!