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just playing around some more :)

can't sleep

my sleep cycle has been a tad thoroughly screwed up the last few weeks. maybe it has finally kicked in that i am a night shift nurse or maybe the progesterone shots i'm taking are having an effect. nonetheless, i decided tonight to play with some old photos i had of the kids.

it's about time that i got around to working on these :)

unexpected joy

not sure how to begin, i want to blog this for my memory of what i was feeling and how i can share it one day with Ty.

Ty Thomas.

yup, we are having another boy!

i couldn't be more excited, i love my daughter, i'm crazy for her, but i can only handle one of her ;) my plan was to not find out, i had the will power plus i guess i was so convinced that it was another boy that i didn't need to be told. 

our ultrasound was a little over a month ago. i went in with my mom and kids. i know as an OB nurse that this ultrasound is way more than discovering the sex of the baby. i was praying for the best, that the babies anatomy would be perfect, no signs of trisomy, strong beating heart, functioning kidneys, and most of all that he would be healthy and beautiful.

i'm not sure what triggered me to ask the ultrasound tech the question i did but it sure was ironic, mothers instinct i guess. i asked if we could be able to tell if the baby was going to have a cleft. not even 30 min…