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for my mom

its funny how my mom dosen't read my's not that she dosen't want to, it is more that she is just not a computer person.

i really can't fault her on that.....i am on this thing way to much!

but this is for her.
it's not the best photo, but it is of her and my dad in an embrace.
i told her i was going to print this out and never had a chance.
well, i just ordered it and can't wait to frame it for her!

i cried through the entire processing of this photo... i love you dad and miss you!

p.s. no one tell her that i did this.... i want it to be a surprise :)

bbq and pool party

just some snap shots of some more time in waco. my sil and her mother hosted a bbq and pool party.

trey wouldn't touch the water along with lily (my sil dog). the rest of us swam including some major bogie board time (pun intended).

waco in instagram

if you follow me on instagram then you have already seen these, but i figured it would be nice to separate cities and instagram pics from each other.

a: treys drums from a new mexico trading post. b: aubs. c: davids birthday dinner.
d: country girl. e: want! f: house shopping. 
g: house shopping. h: wood beams for miles. i: cracker barrel.

fun on campus

of course while we were in waco we spent some time on the baylor campus.

the kids loved running around all the raised beds. we even stopped by a tree swing to snap a couple of pictures.