we are back from our wonderful vacation in texas. the entire drive back home trey kept asking if we were going home and we kept saying yes, poor guy kept thinking "home" was in waco with his uncles!

i think both david and i also had a sad feeling about returning home. texas has always felt right i think to both of us. hopefully one day we can move there and raise our family on some acreage in the country (cali feels home to me too...however unless i win the lottery, texas is more affordable and just as desirable).

we have a busy weekend ahead, you know how it is returning from vacation. i am excited, however, to start working on some of the pictures and start blogging again about our time there and the plans God is laying out for us.

please keep us in your prayers throughout the next few months....they are going to be crazy!!!!
between a new baby, surgeries, breaking away from our old church, and trying to follow what god wants in the long term with our family we have much to pray about.

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