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brownie making mama

thank you so much britteny for helping out with this!!! i love how they turned out :)

maternity pics

*i hate to "copy" anothers idea with out giving credit where credit is due. i have been sorta obsessed with this photo floating around pinterest. the photographer inspired me to try the same. i love how it turned out!!!!

i had my sister come over for a little photo op today. 
i never took any maternity pictures with my other children, not really sure why i wanted them with this one. maybe because it's the last 

i said i never wanted the super serious maternity pics, but since the lighting was great in our bedroom we went for it.

i can tell i would soooo rather stand behind he camera rather than in front. this was slightly humbling to take pictures of yourself!

we also did a 1950s housewife session....i am still currently processing those :)
stay tuned!

retail therapy

pyrex, and some cute pitchers for making sun tea.

candle sticks, baskets, and old bibles. i would rather collect old bibles than books.....more meaning :) plus it is always interesting to see what they underlined and what they took away while reading. 

 baby boy clothes...and a romper that i could not pass up..even though it will not fit aubs :(

 baskets and photo albums...loving the look of wire baskets!

we don't drink but this decanter set was just to pretty to pass up at an estate sale! it does look mighty fine in my china hutch!

 more pretty dresses for aubrey not sure how long she will fit into them :(

i also wanted to mention that i opened a pop up shop for the things in my closet i no longer wear and  vintage goodies the kiddos out grow. its not up yet but i will be sure to update you when it does.

life lately through instagram

little ones playing with mommies phone

 love seeing the kids dance to music

 bum cheek

 they finally figured it out

 thankful for my husband liking my cooking, even when it is all vegetarian.

thankful for tea time and antiquing with my mom

change is it possible to be in love with a sofa???

 dollar toy fun, fbi agent ellis

  aubrey crockett

 it's finally coming along!

but i have lost all control of this :)

getting super anxious/excited to meet you little one

 my dad as a young boy...that's where the thomas comes from :)
(also slightly crazy how trey looks a little like my dad.....awww gotta love those thomas genes!)

i am in full blown nesting fever around here!

i can't seem to get everything the way i want it. i'm either purging everything, yet then run back out and pick a ton up thinking i need it!

when i am at a loss about my behavior...alas blame it on the pregnancy hormones :)

san antonio

our last stop before heading home. we did the usual tourist thing
the alamo
river walk
and hit every tourist shop in the city ;)

it was sad to leave. we had such a wonderful time in texas. so much so we really feel the desire and pull to move there and raise our family on some land. we want the simple life for our children and us. not sure when god will send us there but hopefully soon in the meanwhile we will continue to be obedient where he has called us.