7 years of marriage, 2 children and 1 on the way and in the way of photo albums (tangible ones) i have very little to show for it!!

we have become such a culture that we share all of our pictures online, i also think it is safe to say very few of us print them all out anymore.

on top of that we take an overabundance of pictures, since we don't have to pay for film anymore....and if you never print them off its cost effective to take as many as you like.

i am one of those who has very few pictures printed and it got me to thinking.....i love going through old photo albums of my grandparents, parents and even my sibilings and i growing up.

now the problem is i have NO photo albums of my children...let alone of just my husband and i. the only real album i have is our wedding one (which is packed away so no children can destroy it!).

so one of my summer goals (hopefully to be completed before i return to work from my maternity leave) is to print ALL my pictures and place them in photo albums.

needless to say.....i was not prepared for this undertaking!!! thankfully i have been finding awesome albums at goodwill for just a few dollars and have bought a few off of overstock.

printing and ordering prints has been a bit.....pricey, but really i think i can forgo a new shirt and pedicures to work on preserving our families life story.

anyone else out there actually have albums full of family pictures?? I am really excited to finally have a place for all of them. who knows the whole internet could collapse (could it???) and i could loose everything, sometimes there is nothing wrong doing things the "old school" way.

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