life lately through instagram

 little ones playing with mommies phone

 love seeing the kids dance to music

 bum cheek

 they finally figured it out

 thankful for my husband liking my cooking, even when it is all vegetarian.

thankful for tea time and antiquing with my mom

change is it possible to be in love with a sofa???

 dollar toy fun, fbi agent ellis

  aubrey crockett

 it's finally coming along!

but i have lost all control of this :)

getting super anxious/excited to meet you little one

 my dad as a young boy...that's where the thomas comes from :)
(also slightly crazy how trey looks a little like my dad.....awww gotta love those thomas genes!)

i am in full blown nesting fever around here!

i can't seem to get everything the way i want it. i'm either purging everything, yet then run back out and pick a ton up thinking i need it!

when i am at a loss about my behavior...alas blame it on the pregnancy hormones :)

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