i have been in full swing nesting around here!

however, it's not just getting the house prepared....i have been obsessed with getting my front patio and back screened in porch redecorated and ready for baby.... never mind that it has been 115 degrees here the past TWO weeks!

i joked that it's not like i am going to be spending countless hours with ty out there lol! but i guess in a few short months (hopefully just 2 more) we can enjoy the next 9 months out there, a benefit to surviving an arizona summer.

the day bed is actually two old mattresses that i was going to get rid of but hanging onto lol!
the pillows are covered with fabric using the famous pinterest no sew pillow cover. i found the over sized pillows for $5 a piece at GW not to bad i think. the "daybed" cover is actually.....get this....a moving blanket HA! i thought it was cute..chevron stitching, royal blue for a pop of color.....go figure some moving company probably dropped it off...owell its cute and eclectic just the look i was going for.

it is by no means done....i am looking for some chairs for the table and i am wanting to hanging white lights around etc. but it's a start :)

found this guy for the kiddos....they were stoked when they saw it!

 the front patio got a little love too. between the plants, planter, swan and wreath it probably cost a total of $20 (thank you 90% hobby lobby, WM and GW!)

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